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A - A non profit organization established to support men in their journey to become better at overcoming life's challenges.
B - A movement to encourage all men to become more actively engaged in creating success for themselves.
C - A life coaching program for any man ready to go out and get the tools necessary to get the job done.
D - All of the above 





A middle aged, college educated man, who is doing well enough financially, but for whatever reason that hasn't equated to happiness. He is often agitated with others, doesn’t enjoy the fruits of his labor, and has to work so hard to provide for others that he rarely has anything left for himself.


A BETTER MAN - We work with this man to enable him carve out some time for himself, where he can have the space and opportunity to identify his priorities. He can become better by learning that allocating more time for self-care, allows him to be more effective to the people that need him the most.


A blue collar man, trapped in a dead end job, who feels he is letting his girlfriend & children down because he wants a better life for all of them. His homelife has become filled with so much stress that he finds himself searching for distractions outside of the home that only cause him more problems. 


A BETTER MAN - We empower this man to identify strategies to increase his earning potential, while getting him to recognize the true value that he already adds to his family unit.  He can become better by increasing his ability to effectively communicate his concerns in order to obtain more support from his family.  


A man 3-4 years out of college, unable to find a job, and largely dependent on his family to provide for his basic needs. He may have many "friends," but few that he feels comfortable asking for support and guidance. As a result, he keeps most of his problems to himself despite the outcome.


A BETTER MAN - We help this man become more comfortable talking openly about his problems so that he can learn how to obtain constructive feedback. He can become better by learning how to develop effective short term and long term goals for himself that allow him to make identifiable progress toward his success. 

While A Better Man is a cause, a program, and an organization; more than anything else it is a collection of men who have come together to learn how to be better so that they can improve their lives and the lives of those around them.


Asim Narcisse-Williams


I'm an A Better Man life coach because I believe in men! I also believe in the power of community. I can see how this program can help us all and I am invested in that. I think men get better by examining their own thoughts, and by bouncing their ideas off other positive people, especially other men.

Clayton Ollarvia


 I am a part of A Better Man because I have seen a need in the black community for men to be able to communicate with one another and feel free of judgement or bias. It is critical that men be able to share thoughts without ridicule or shame. I think men get better by being able to surround themselves with other men that can help them not only to heal but to enrich themselves.

Joshua Davis, EsQ.



My goal is to encourage and equip men with the tools to navigate everyday issues resulting from social pressures of being a man, specifically a man of color. I believe men get better by actively taking the time to work on being better.

Daryl Steward


I'm involved with A Better Man because I have an interest in helping Black people thrive. Men get better when they face and share their fears, while at the same time practicing the healthy celebration of their strengths. Men get better when they can tell themselves and others the truth even in the face of judgement.

kINYE "tj" Weaver


I'm involved with A Better Man becuase I believe all brothers want to be better. Why?  Because we deserve it. Despite our religious affiliation, sexual preference, or socioeconomic status. I believe men get better by taking uncomfortable risks to be different. By different I mean seeking out ways to enhance communication skills, and ways to relate to others, while being understood and understanding relational dynamics. 

Courtney Thomas


I founded A Better Man because I felt like I had to. I have seen too many incredible men fall short because they did not have the support, structure, and strategy they needed to succeed. I believe men get better by learning how to be helped and learning how to help others.

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